Accident prevention through safe work practices has become a matter of critical importance to operations within Triangle Electric Company. We have the support and commitment of all levels of management to achieve our goal of a safe workplace through our Safety Director. Also, we have safety representatives at each job site to address daily safety issues.

Triangle Electric Company continually works to:

1. Detect and correct physical conditions and operating practices which cause unwanted and unnecessary injuries or damage through daily monitoring and weekly inspections.

2. Follow all applicable work rules to prevent injuries and promote safe and efficient operating procedures.

3. When necessary, create job specific safe work practices through hazard analyses.

4. Communicate such work rules to all employees through training.

5. Exercise quality supervision to assure compliance with such rules and the best results from employee performance.

These objectives will be attained when management and supervision at all levels are held responsible for the administration of our Safety Program. The Safety Practices manual details all responsibilities and general rules of safety. Each employee receives this booklet and job specific safety training while working at Triangle Electric Company.